UralQuadromed Ltd

About the Company

Out Company came into being in 1993. Today, UralQuadromed Ltd has more than 60 employees working in different divisions. The Company includes in its structure a branch in the city of Chelyabinsk and a dental clinic.

The Company’s main lines of activities are:

- foreign economic activity (import to the Russian Federation from foreign manufacturers)
- finished products and spare parts storage
- sale of dental equipment and materials
- goods delivery to buyer
- after-sales service and repairs of dental equipment
- educational activities (both on the base of the own training centre and directly at training centres of our manufacturers)
- dental services to the population

Our company is an authorized dealer of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental products, such as: Sirona Dental Systems, FONA Dental, W&H, Ivoclar Vivadent, Bego, Kerr, VITA, Wasserman Dental Maschinen, Kettenbach, Edenta, Freuding. more…

Why Direct Supplies?

Our Company has been always giving priority to direct supplies from manufacturers. The idea is simple: this is a good way to keep control over the whole cycle of delivery, beginning from planning and placement of an order to after-sales service. And in-between there are: organizing transportation, customs declarations, building up a sufficient stock of goods, service maintenance, and a lot more. All of these define the availability of products and the interest in them of the end buyer. Besides, this allows us to pursue flexible pricing policy and successfully develop our dealer network.

Why is it so important to have Reserves in Stock?

One of our Company’s advantages is an on-going process of investment in building up the range of products and spare parts in stock ready for immediate shipment. This is a necessary condition for prompt response to customer demands as well as meeting the needs of customer service – both our own and our dealers’.

Why develop Customer Service?

It is hard to imagine a today’s enterprise without a modern Customer Service. Our Company has been always giving special attention to creation of efficient Customer Service. Our service engineers regularly improve their skills at manufacturers’ training centres. We are confident that the quality of work of this service is in many respects a decisive factor in establishing the Company’s image and defining the customer’s choice in favour of our Company.

Why an own Training Centre is so important?

It is the availability of an own Training Centre that allows our Company to hold on its base all kinds of events to promote new technologies and materials. So, for organizing lectures and practical training, we invite both home and foreign specialists to assist our dentists and dental prosthetists in improving their skills on a permanent basis.

Why have an own Dental Clinic?

We know that only this can give us confidence in the quality of products we supply, Originally, the clinic was conceived as a demonstration centre, but now it has long since grown into a self sufficient structure. Nevertheless, while still continuing in this function, it brings us invaluable practical experience, particularly in launching on the market new products from our manufacturers – business partners.

Why select us as Partner?

Today, we have established partnership as suppliers with more than 400 organizations. The high skills of our personnel and the rich experience accumulated over the years of work have brought our Company a reputation of a reliable and competent Partner always carrying out its obligations.

We are always open to new contacts and new effective cooperation.

The team of UralQuadromed Ltd